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Combo packs

vegetables to apartments

“Millets Combo” included barnyard (oodhalu), brown top (korale), foxtail (navane), kodo (haraka), little (same), pearl (sajje) and proso (baragu) 500 grams each. Net weight is 3.6 Kgs.

Millets Combo pack

“Nuts Combo” covers Almond 500 grams, Cashew nut 500 grams, Raisins 500 grams and Dry Fig (Dry Anjoor) 250 grams and Pista 250 grams. The combo pack net weight will be 2 Kgs.

Nuts Combo pack

Spices Combo covers good quality pepper, dry ginger, cumin, cinnamon & cloves, garlic, turmeric, Jeshtamadhu and Hippali 250 gms each & also Jaggery powder 1.5 kgs. Its net weight will be 3.25 Kgs.

Spices Combo pack

“Jaggery Combo” included different variants of good quality jaggery such as acchu, bucket and powder 1 kg each and Stevia powder 50 gm. The combo pack net weight will be 3 Kgs.

Jaggery Combo Pack

“Vegetable Combo” covers only semi perishable produce incl. onion, beetroot, bottle gourd, cabbage, cluster beans, knol khol, coccinia, and weighing about 1 Kg each and sweet pumpkin 2 Kg. Its net weight will be 9 Kgs.

Vegetables Combo Pack

“Coffee & Tea Powder Combo” is combination of both Coffee powder unit of 1 Kg & Tea Powder unit of 1 Kg. Its net weight will be 2 Kgs. It will be branded combo pack sourced direct from coffee and tea estates in Karnataka.

Coffee & Tea Combo Pack